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We know how baffling it can be for a trader looking for the perfect broker, the perfect account. There are a whole multitude of different brokers offering a vast array of different accounts, each one offering something slightly different from the last. At First Pacific Ltd. we aim to take the headache out of the decision and package the best trading conditions with NDD technology to create a truly powerful combination in one Pro account.

NDD is short for No Dealing Desk, which basically means that all trades are processed instantaneously and without any human intervention. We act as a bridge between you and our liquidity providers, so there is no risk on our part and consequently no conflict of interest – your trades are never modified by us.

Our Pro account is available on both the MT4 and MT5 platforms and can be demo tested before going live.

MT4/5 Pro accounts

MT4/5 Pro accounts

With our Pro account the spread and the commission are charged separately. The fee structure is the same as that in the intermarket, which is why we can offer very narrow spreads, and sometimes even zero spreads (known as ‘choice’). An additional advantage or our Pro account is the fee structure permits us to offer a significantly wider selection of tradable instruments in comparison to accounts where the commission is tied into the spread.
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